LESSON 06 – Noah & The Flood Part 2 – Genesis 7 & 8

  1. Discussion
    • Read chapter 7.  How many people got on the ark? (8 – Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives) How long were Noah, his family and the animals in the ark before the flood came? (7 days.) Did Noah have to go out and gather up all the animals? (vs. 7 & 15) Who shut the door of the ark? (vs. 16) How long did it rain? (40 days) How deep was the water? (vs. 20)
    • Read chapter 8. After 150 days the waters started to subside. Where did the ark come to rest? (Mt. Ararat – in Turkey. Check it out on a map.) Noah waited another 40 days before taking action.  What bird did Noah first send out of the ark and what happened? What bird did he next send out? How long did Noah wait before he tried again? What happened? (8:6-11) How did Noah finally know it would alright to leave the ark? (vs 13 – 15. First the bird did not return – it found somewhere to nest and eat. Secondly, God told them to!) What was the first thing Noah did after letting everyone off of the ark? (vs. 20) What promise did God make to Himself in 8:21-22? (He would never again destroy all living creatures – that as long as the earth endures seasons, day and night, would never cease.)
  2. Application– Why is it significant about who closed the ark’s door? We have studied that God is sovereign in salvation. It wasn’t Noah’s choice who was saved from the Flood and who perished.  The door was open and the chance to come aboard with Noah was available for a long time. Noah told his neighbors and the world the judgment was coming. No one listened. However, it wasn’t Noah’s decision to shut them out. It was God’s.  His mercy extended for 120 years – waiting for people to respond. Finally the time was over and He shut the door.  Read Proverbs 1:24-30 for a description of God’s attitude toward those who repeatedly ignore Him. Then read Proverbs 1:33.  How can we escape God’s wrath? End by reading the encouraging words of Psalm 103:8-12 for those who listen and obey the Lord. Ask your child what particular part of the Psalms passage is especially significant to them, or what they want to remember.  End by praying once again for your unsaved friends and family members. Also take time to thank and worship God, just like Noah did, for saving you and keeping you from judgment!
  3. Digging Deeper
    1. Creative writing: Put yourself in the place of one of the people in the ark during the Flood.  What would your thoughts, feelings and experiences have been like? Write a possible journal entry from one day in the ark. You could choose the day the rains came, one of the seemingly interminable days waiting for the waters to go away, or the day before you were going to get out.  Be sure to include the person’s identity, what they thought about the judgment, what there “job” was on the ark and their relationship with God.
    2. Write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay on why you believe the Flood was a worldwide event and not a local one.  Give scientific evidence as well as Biblical evidence. Cite any references used.
    3. Research flood myths in other cultures. List at least three and compare these with the account in Genesis. End with why you think these are so common in ancient cultures. A good source for this would be the book, Genesis: Finding Our Roots. Do these stories build your faith or cause you to think that the Bible’s account might also be a myth? Explain.


Compiled from Willmington’s Guide to the Bible, page 27

When did the Flood begin?

It began in November.  This month is lamented by many people groups around the world as the Day of the Dead.


How long did it last?

It lasted 371 days – from the day Noah stepped into the ark until he stepped out.


What might have triggered the Flood?

  1. An earthquake may have released vast and pressured water reservoirs in the earth’s mantle. (Gen. 7:11)
  2. This may have blown immense amounts of Dust skyward which would then initiate the condensation and precipitation of mass proportions. (For more information about this see Dr. Walter Brown’s book, In the Beginning. This book is available online at: http://www.creationscience.com/


Was the Flood worldwide? YES!

  1. Because of the need for the ark.
  2. Because of the wide distribution of man before the flood. (Gen. 4:16)
  3. Because of the comparison made in Ii Peter 3:3-7.
  4. Because of the universal flood traditions. (See Genesis: Finding Our Roots pages 51-56.)
  5. Because of the marine fossils found on mountains.
  6. Because of the worldwide animal fossil graveyards.
  7. Because of the evidence of recent water bodies in present desert areas.(For an example of this go visit the Petrified Forest National Park in the desert outside of Holbrook, AZ.)
  8. Because of the evidenced of a recent drastic rise in the seal level.
  9. Because of the evidence from the geologic column. (Examples of this are found in Dr. Brown’s book, In the Beginning.)


How big was the ark?

  1. 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high
  2. Had a total deck of 97,700 square feet (equivalent of 20 standard college basket ball courts)
  3. Largest ship ever built until 1884 AD
  4. Nearly one half the length of the Queen Mary.


How did Noah find room for all the animals?

  1. Total animal population would not have exceeded 35,000 vertebrates.
  2. Average size would be that of a sheep
  3. Modern train of 150 box cars could carry this

Ark had the carrying capacity of over 520 box cars.