LESSON 02 – The Fall – Genesis 3


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LESSON 02 – The Fall – Genesis 3

(NOTE: The lessons that cover the first 11 chapters of Genesis will reference a book, Genesis: Finding Our Roots, by Ruth Beechik. You can purchase this book at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/094031911X/002-2148983-8501635?v=glance&n=283155. It is not necessary to have the book, though, to do these lessons. For Reference: pages 34-42 of Genesis: Finding Our Roots)


    • Describe the serpent in Genesis 3. Who was he? How did he disguise himself? {Note: the identity and fall of Lucifer from God’s favor and his descent to Satan is discussed in Year 5 of this study during the Doctrine of Angels unit.}
    • How does Satan open up his discussion with Eve? Vs 1 – He questions what God really said. He sets up doubt in Eve’s mind. Where was Eve when God gave the instructions about the Garden? {She hadn’t been created yet, so she had been given her information from Adam!}
    • How what do you notice about Eve’s response? {It is different from what was said by God to Adam in 2:16,17. She added to God’s words – “you must not touch it”}
    • First Satan questioned God. What does he do next? {The first lie – Satan denies God’s word. He says that God lied; that they would not die if they ate the fruit.} He attacks God’s motives and tells Eve that God does not want them to be like Him – God.}
    • Why did Eve eat the fruit? 3:6 {She thought it was good for food; she liked the looks of it and she thought it would make her wise. In other words, she was deceived by Satan’s words.} For older students: Look at I Jn. 2:16 and compare Eve’s temptation with the three parts of temptation listed in 3:6.
    • What happened next? (3:6b-7) {Eve gave the fruit to Adam and he also ate. Immediately their eyes were opened; they knew they were naked – some believe that light used to clothe them and they lost this light when they ate the fruit. They sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves.} For older students: This is man’s first attempt at “religion” or making himself acceptable on his own terms rather than God’s.
    • What did Adam and Eve do when God came as usual to the garden? Why is it ridiculous to try and hide from God? Cf. Ps. 139
    • Do Adam and Eve confess their sin to God? {Possible answers: they each blame someone else. Eve blames Satan; Adam blames his wife and even God. Adam says it was Eve’s fault, but also notes that God gave him Eve in the first place!
    • What was the penalty for sin for the serpent? (3:14,15) Eve?(3:16) Adam? (3:17-19)
    • The serpent was cursed by having to crawl rather than walk. Satan would eventually be crushed or defeated by the woman’s offspring. [Discussed later.]
    • Eve and all women would have pain when bearing children. Woman will want to rule over their husbands, but they must submit to his rule.
    • Through Adam was earth was cursed. It would produce weeds and only by working hard would mankind be able to grow food from it.  Man would experience spiritual and physical death. Decay begins – 2ndLaw of Thermodynamics. All mankind would be sinful because of his sin – no children had yet been born.
      • How does God solve the problem of their nakedness? (3:21) The first death occurs. God kills an animal and its blood is shed in order for God to make animal coverings for them. For older students: Why aren’t the fig leaves good enough covering?  {Lev. 17:11 indicates that life is in blood. A life had to die in order for Adam and Eve to have their sins covered. This is the pattern that God established in the Garden of Eden and His plan of a blood sacrifice for sin was once and for all time fulfilled in Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. Hebrews 10:10}
      • What does God do in 3:23 and 24? {Makes them leave the Garden of Eden and establishes an angel at its entrance so they cannot come back and eat from the tree of life.} Keeping Adam and Eve from the tree of life is not punishment. If Adam and Eve had eaten of the fruit at that time they would have lived forever in their sinful state. Will people ever be able to eat from the tree of life? See Revelation 22:1,2.


The problem of sin starts in Genesis 3. We call this portion of the Bible the Fall. Why? {Possible answers:  Because Adam and Eve were perfect when they were first created by God. They were innocent and were clothed in God’s glory (light).  However, they chose not to be obedient to God and listened to Satan. Their disobedience by eating the fruit forbidden by God is called a “fall from grace”. They fell from perfection and died spiritually. Their bodies began to age and decay and they would eventually experience physical death. They fell from their perfect relationship with God.}No longer would Adam and Eve be able to walk and talk with God in the garden. He was perfect and holy and they no longer could be with Him.  However, all is not lost!  In Genesis 3:15 God gives them hope and a promise.  This verse may seem confusing, but it is the first promise of the Messiah – or Sent One. It is called the “Proto-Evangel” or the First Gospel.

  • Who are the two enemies mentioned in verse 15? {the serpent – Satan – and the woman’s offspring or seed}
  • For older students: What is meant by the “woman’s offspring”? God is promising a son to come from the woman who would defeat Satan once and for all by “crushing his head”.
  • Why do people believe this is a reference to Jesus Christ? Because all of Adam’s offspring will be sinners and need a savior of their own. See Romans 5:12.  Only a man coming from the seed of a woman would be able to solve the problem of sin.  We know from reading Matthew 1 and Luke 1 that Jesus had no earthly father. Mary gave birth to Jesus by a miracle from God. {Matthew 1:20,21 and Luke 1:29-37}  It was not clear to Adam and Eve at that time who exactly this son of promise would be, but they knew and believed in a coming savior.  How was Jesus’ heel bruised by Satan? (Is. 53:5 – through His death on the cross) End your time by quoting or reading Romans 3:23 and 6:23.
  • What does the promise of Genesis 3:15 mean to you personally?

Digging Deeper

  • Draw a detailed Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting Adam and Eve’s temptation with Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness in Luke 4:1-13.  Write a short paragraph at the end telling what you learned. How was Jesus able to withstand temptation? Share how you have struggled with temptation and share what helps you resist temptation.
  • Heroes and Dragon Slaying run through all of the world’s literature. Why? (You may refer to Genesis: Finding Our Roots page 40) Write a 3-paragraph essay that discusses how literature and movies reflect the theme of Genesis 3:15: A hero will come and slay the evil one – the dragon –. The hero is a symbol for good and the dragon is the symbol of evil. In your essay give specific examples and explain why you think mankind has been so concerned with this theme throughout history in its writings. Back up your ideas from the Bible. For extra credit also discuss how recent artists and writers have reversed the good and bad symbolism and why.