LESSON 30 – The Birth of Moses and His Flight to Midian – Exodus 2


  • Ex 2:1-10. From what tribe was Moses? (Levi.) How old was Moses when his mother hid him? (3 mos.) What did the mother do instead of drowning her child like the Pharaoh had decreed? (She put him in a basket and put it in the river with his sister nearby, watching to see what would happen.) Who picked up Moses? (vs. 5 – Pharaoh’s daughter) The princess knew this was a Hebrew baby, put in the basket to keep him from harm.  Moses’ sister (Miriam, we will find out later.) asks if the princess needs a nurse for the baby. The princess agreed and Moses’ own mother was brought to the palace to take care of her child, Moses.  Pharaoh’s daughter adopted Moses. Moses’ mother’s act of faith put Moses in the very palace of the man that wanted the death of all ofIsrael.  The princess named him Moses, which means: I drew him out of the water.”
  • Ex. 2:11-25. Verse 11 takes us on fast forward to 40 years later. Moses is trained in all of the learning of Egypt, but he has yet to learn the wisdom of God.  Moses has had an easy life unlike his people and one day he decides to go out and observe them.  What does he observe and what does he do about it? (He sees the murder of an Israelite by an Egyptian task master. Moses looks around and then after ascertaining that no one was watching killed the Egyptian and hid his body. No effort was made by Moses to go to his adopted mother with the story or to stand up publicly for his people – it was all done secretly.) What happens the next day? (When Moses tries to break up a quarrel between 2 Jews, they turn on him and ask if he was going to kill them like he had killed the Egyptian. Moses was horrified and realized his secret was out.  Pharaoh finds out that Moses killed an Egyptian and tries to have Moses killed.  Moses has tried to become a leader of the Israelites while still in the palace of the Egyptians and he has not received God’s call on his life.  His attempt to become the leader of Israel has failed miserably and he is forced to flee Egypt.  Where did Moses go? (Look it up on the map. Midian) What does Moses do when he sees the mistreatment of the priest’s daughters? (He rescued them when some shepherds drove them away from the water for their flocks. Moses seems to be a born rescuer!) The girls take Moses home with them and their father, who we will find out later is named Jethro, invites him to stay. Eventually Moses marries one of his daughters, Zipporah, and Moses settles down into what he thinks is permanent obscurity. We find out in verse 23 that the Pharaoh who drove out Moses died.  What does verse 23-25 say about the God’s attitude about the Israelites back in Egypt? (God hears their cries for help and their groaning. He remembers His promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is concerned about them and He is getting ready to launch His plan.)


  • Why were Moses’ parents, Amran and Jochabed, not afraid of the Pharaoh and his commands? Read Hebrews 11:23. For more information about Moses’ early years read Acts 7:19-22 and Hebrews 11:23-27.  God richly rewards Jochabed’s faith and places Moses in the most secure place in Egypt – the palace of the Pharaoh. He is not there as a slave either, but as a loved and trusted son of the Pharaoh’s daughter. He is trained in all of the learning of Egypt – the most scientifically advanced civilization of that day.
  • Why would this be a good place for Moses to be besides the fact that it was safe?  (God is seeing that Moses is educated so that he can lead His people well in the future.) At the same time Moses was being trained by the Egyptians, his mother was teaching him about God and the covenant between God and the people of Israel.  It was the teaching of his mother that helped Moses to make the best choice for his life, though.  In Hebrews 11:24-26 we see that Moses could have chosen to live a life of ease, wealth and power. He might have even had the opportunity to become the Pharaoh himself.  He knew, though, the prophecy that in 400 years the Jews would be saved from slavery and he knew that the time for deliverance was near. (See Gen 15:13,14) His faith in God and his trust in God’s promises made it possible for Moses to turn his back on the fleeting wealth of Egypt.  His impetuousness leads to the murder of an Egyptian guard and Moses must leave his people behind. How confused and miserable Moses must have been when he first arrived in Midian.  He had made the mistake of running ahead of God, but God is going to use this time in Midian to train Moses in other ways than book-learning.  He will gain invaluable experience for the next 40 years that will make him ready to become the leader of the Israelites. {NOTE:  Moses’ life is divided evenly into thirds. The first 40 years was in the Egyptian palace, the next 40 was in Midian and the last 40 was as the leader of the Jews as they left Egypt for the Promised Land.}
  • In what ways is God preparing your children for a future of service to Him? What does God want to do in the lives of your children? End your time by going to Romans 12:1, 2 and discuss the call of God on the hearts, minds and bodies of your children.  Pray together and ask the Lord to help them have the faith of Moses and be able to stand against the “wisdom” of the world and stand up for the truths of the Bible.

Digging Deeper

    1. How could you use this passage to help someone understand the sanctity of human life? What were the attitudes about life in Egypt at this time? Was Jochabed wrong to preserve Moses’s life even though the law of Egypt said to kill him? Why or why not? What light does Hebrews 11:23 shed? Why is ending the life of an unborn child so wrong? Back up your answers with more than one Scripture reference.
    2. What character qualities do you see in Moses at this point? What will stand him in good stead for the future and which ones will get him into trouble? What qualities do you have that are useful to God and how might He want you to use these in the future? What qualities do you have that get you into trouble? How can God use your mistakes to help train you for your future service for Him?