LESSON 31 – Moses and the Burning Bush – Exodus 3-4:17


  • Exodus 3:1-10 – In this section Moses will receive his call from God to go back to Egyptand free his people from slavery.  What is Moses’ occupation in Midian? (vs. 1 – He has been a shepherd for his father-in-law, Jethro.  Moses is learning to do what has been the occupation of the Israelites since Abraham.) Where does he go and what does he see? (vs. 2, 3 He comes to Mt. Sinai, also referred to as Horeb, and there he sees the angel of the Lord in the middle of a blazing fire that is in a bush. However, the bush is not consumed by the flames.) Moses is intrigued by the fact that bush is burning but not burning up, so he comes closer and then he hears God calling him from the bush. (FYI: this is called a theophany – a viewing of Jesus Christ before His birth. Many times the “angel of the Lord” in the OT is not an angel but God Himself. We know this because the “angel of the Lord” is later named in verse 4 as “God” and the “Lord.”) When God calls Moses’ name, Moses answers, “Here I am!” Why does God tell Moses to take off his sandals? (vs 5, 6. The ground was holy because God was there! Moses needed to know he was in the presence of his God – the God of his ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.) What was Moses’ response to this information? (vs 7. He hid his face because he was afraid to look at God.) God know reveals to Moses His plan for His people and His plan for Moses. What does God want Moses to do and why? (vs 7-10. God has heard the cries of His people inEgypt and He is going to rescue them from the Egyptians.  He is going to lead them to a beautiful land filled with good things to eat. Moses is the person God is choosing to use to accomplish this plan.)
  • Exodus 3:11-22
    1. What objection does Moses make about going to Pharaoh? How does God answer?
    2. Does God expect Pharaoh to say yes to Moses’ request?
    3. What does God say the women ofIsraelwill take with them into the wilderness?
  • Exodus 4:1-17
    1. What objection does Moses make the third time?
    2. What three signs does God give?
    3. Fill out the following chart: Discuss the significance of the burning bush and what God is asking Moses to do.  To help you keep the discussion between Moses and God clear, use the following chart:
Moses’ Objections God’s Answer
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Moses came to Midian at the age of 40 and another 40 years have passed, making Moses 80 years old when he finally receives his call to go and free his people!