LESSON 50 – Deborah and Barak – Judges 4-5


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LESSON 50 – Deborah and Barak – Judges 4-5


  • Judges 4:1-10
    • Who are the two main oppressors of Israel this time? (vs. 2-3. Jabin, king of Canaan and his army commander, Sisera. They had 900 hundred iron chariots – these would be impossible to fight against if all your army was on foot as the Israelites were.)
    • How long did they rule over Israel before they cried to God for help? (20 years)
    • Who was Deborah? (vs. 4,5 – Deborah as the wife of Lappidoth and she was a leader in Israel. She would sit under a palm tree and “try cases” or settle disputes between people.)
    • Who does she ask to rescue Israel from Jabin and what is his response? (vs. 6-8. She calls for Barak and tells him that God has commanded him to face Sisera and his chariots with 10,000 men because God will cause him to have victory. Barak balks. He says he will go only if Deborah goes as well.)
    • What will be the result of his lack of faith and cowardice? (vs. Barak won’t get the glory for the battle, a woman will.)
  • Judges. 4:11-23.
    • What does Heber the Kenite do? (vs. 11. Heber is a relative of Moses’ father-in-law and he pitches his tent by a tree near Kadesh. The battle will be nearby this spot.)
    • What happens to the mighty army of Sisera? (vs. 14-16.  Barak is victorious and all the men of Sisera’s army are killed except Sisera himself.)
    • What does Sisera do? (vs. runs on foot to the tent of Heber and asks for help from Jael, Heber’s wife.) Sisera feels he is safe, as Heber and Jabin have friendly relations.  Jael invites Sisera in and when he asks for water, she gives him some milk. (This should have been his first clue – milk does not exactly quench thirst!) She then covers him up in the tent to “hide” him.
    • What does Jael do when Sisera in exhaustion falls asleep? (vs. 21 – drives a tent peg through his head into the ground – she must have been pretty buff!) Jael calls to Barak and shows him the body of Sisera. Eventually all of Jabin’s kingdom is destroyed along with the king himself.
  • Judges 5.  This chapter is the song that Deborah and Barak sang after the battle.
    • What things do we learn in the song that aren’t mentioned in chapter 4? For example, what was Israel like before God’s deliverance? (vs. 6-11) What natural forces did God use to defeat Sisera’s army? (vs. 20-21)


  • Ask your children who they see as a great leader, maybe even someone they’ve followed (teachers, coaches, pastors, etc.). Ask them what qualities a good leader needs. (Possible answers: honesty, courage, not a hypocrite, humble, wisdom, enthusiasm, perseverance, sense of humor, Godly role model, organized, encouraging, caring, etc.)
  • In what ways was Deborah a good leader for Israel? (4:5 -She was wise. She handled disputes between the people. 4:6 – She walked closely with God. We know this because God spoke to her and told her to call in Barak to lead the Israelites into battle. 4:10. She was courageous, because she went with Barak to the battle. 4:14. She was an encourager. She told Barak to go into battle and reminded him of God’s promise of victory. 5:1-5. She is not prideful. She gives God the glory for the victory. 5:31. She persevered and ruled Israel for 40 years.)
  • Are you more like Deborah or Barak? Do you posses qualities that make a good leader or do you wait for someone else to take the lead and you’ll go along? What steps could you take to develop the qualities talked about in this lesson? Where do you see the most need in your life? Pray together and ask for opportunities to step out bravely in God’s service this week because of your dedication to the Lord. Pray for strength to stand alone if needed. End by reading Malachi 3:16-18 and ask for courage to honor God so that you could be in his book of remembrance.

Digging Deeper

    1. Using only the facts found in Judges 4-5, write a newspaper article about the battle. Be sure to include quotes from Deborah and Jael which give insight on how they viewed what happened. You could even possibly give Jabin’s or Sisera’s mother’s reactions.  Come up with an intriguing headline.  Be sure to mention who really should get the credit for the victory.
    2. Chapter 5 is called the song of Deborah and was sung after the victory against Sisera’s army. Write the lyrics to a song about how God has delivered you. Include details about what happened, how you felt, words of praise and thanksgiving and how the experience has affected your life. Choose a tune to put it to and include that information under the title. (For example: Sing to the tune of ‘Amazing Grace’) It must be at least one verse and chorus in length. You may have allusions to Bible verses, similes, metaphors or any other poetic device you choose. You must use at least one of these in your song.